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Next Generation Managed Network Monitoring Service


ControlPoint Monitor Partnership Application

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The data you provide is used solely for internal purposes, specifically:
1) Creating, tracking and managing your ControlPoint Monitor Channel Partner Account.
2) Referring potential end-user customers to a ControlPoint Monitor Channel Partner.

ControlPoint Monitor will never sell or share any of your company or customer information with another ControlPoint Monitor partner or with a third party.

Referral Program
The ControlPoint Monitor Managed Network Monitoring Service is provided only through approved Channel Partners [who must be a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to be eligible].

Because ControlPoint Monitor is not sold direct, ControlPoint Monitor will refer all leads they receive to an approved channel partner. For this reason a channel partner’s contact information may be used by ControlPoint Monitor in order to fulfill the referral. If you prefer to not participate in our channel partner referral program, you can opt out at any time by emailing us at optout@controlpointmonitor.com and indicating your decision to opt out.

Data Retention
If at any time you decide to terminate your relationship as a ControlPoint Monitor Channel Partner, a copy of your customer data will be provided to you and all stored data (both corporate and customer related) will be deleted from our system.

Or, for whatever reason, should your partner application be turned down, the information you have provided will be retained for a period not to exceed 1 year.